Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ADA Update Concerning Service Animals

On July 26th, the Department of Justice issued amendments to Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The changes relevant to our community are:
Service Animals: The rule defines "service animal" as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. The rule states that other animals, whether wild or domestic, do not qualify as service animals. Dogs that are not trained to perform tasks that mitigate the effects of a disability, including dogs that are used purely for emotional support, are not service animals. The final rule also clarifies that individuals with mental disabilities who use service animals that are trained to perform a specific task are protected by the ADA. The rule permits the use of trained miniature horses as alternatives to dogs, subject to certain limitations. To allow flexibility in situations where using a horse would not be appropriate, the final rule does not include miniature horses in the definition of "service animal.

National Assistance Dog Week

National Assistance Dog Week (NADW) is being celebrated August 8-14, 2010. The goals of NADW are to recognize and honor assistance dogs, raise awareness and educate the public about assistance dogs, honor puppy raisers and trainers, and recognize heroic deeds performed by assistance dogs in our communities
Demonstrations, talks, evaluations, and fairs are taking place coast to coast. Check out to find events in your area.

To celebrate NADW, will be offering a special promotion. Stay tuned for details!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Identifying Your Service Dog

It is important that your service dog is clearly identified as such when in public. Why?

• A vest, patch, tag, or badge that identifies your dog as a service animal will help ease access for you both.
• The public is alerted that your dog is at work. You may choose to encourage or reduce the public’s interaction with your service animal by choosing a specific patch or tag.
• If you are having a medical emergency, the presence of a clearly identified service dog with you can help speed a response. carries a wide variety of service dog vests, service dog capes, patches, ID badges, and ID tags that will allow you to identify your service dog clearly and in the way you choose.
Let us help you customize your dog’s “work uniform”!