Thursday, October 27, 2016

Service dog gear for your first public outing

Service Dog Gear for Your First Public Outing

Going into a public place with your service dog for the first time can be stressful, especially if you are new to it. However, with the right type of service dog gear, you can make your outing more comfortable. This includes equipment such as leashes, ID cards, and more. Although these items are not required, you may find your time with your service dog more comfortable if you bring them.

Useful Service Dog Gear

If you have never taken your service dog out in public before, you may encounter members of the public who are not aware of ADA law. These individuals may object to your dog being in a public place. Although ADA law makes it illegal for them to bar your dog entry if he is a service dog, you may make these situations easier if you have the following service dog gear.

A service dog vest can help the public visually identify your dog as a service dog. Patches sewn onto the vest that read “Service Dog – Full Access,” “Registered Service Dog,” or “Service Dog – Access Required” help the public understand your dog must be allowed to go wherever you go.

Service dog ID cards go the extra mile in informing the public about your service dog. These are customized, high quality PVC plastic cards that consist of your name, your dog’s name, as well as the Federal Laws, including the phone number for the United States Department of Justice. If at any time you find the public is not receptive to your service dog, or if you simply want to help them understand the laws regarding service dogs, you may produce one of these official-looking ID cards.
Service dog vests and ID cards can offer up essential information to the public that can help you during your first public outing.

Convenient Service Dog Gear

Certain service dog gear can make your outings more comfortable and convenient.
A service dog collar functions like a regular dog collar, and allows you to attach a leash and dog tags to it. A service dog collar also allows you to attach a service dog clip-on patch tag. These tags offer additional information to help the public understand your dog is a service dog by clearly stating your dog is a “Registered Service Dog.”

A service dog leash helps keep your dog close so he can provide you with sufficient aid. A leash also acts as a visual signifier that shows you have your dog under control, which offers the public peace of mind.

Remember that you are not required to have any specific kind of service dog gear to take your dog in public. Even a service dog vest is not required. However, to ensure your first public outing with your service dog goes smoothly, the right service dog gear can make all the difference.