Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mesh service dog vest

Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer with a Mesh Service Dog Vest

Summer is right around the corner and your service dog needs to be prepared for the warmer weather. A mesh service dog vest is the perfect way to combat common summer dangers, such as dehydration and overheating, that could seriously harm your pup.

Mesh service dog vests are lightweight, making them perfect for when your service dog accompanies you on outdoor adventures during the summer.

Beat the Heat and Humidity with a Mesh Service Dog Vest

Some parts of the United States, such as the southeast region, suffer from high humidity during the summer. While this may be uncomfortable for humans, just imagine how miserable the humidity could make your dog. Add a bulky vest on top of a fur coat and you'll likely end up with one overheated canine.

A mesh service dog vest, which is made out of a lightweight, breathable material, can help to eliminate some of the excess heat and make it easier for the dog to cool off. Your dog will feel cooler even with two layers of durable mesh than in a traditional padded service dog vest.

Special Features of the Mesh Service Dog Vest

A mesh service dog vest serves two purposes: to keep your dog comfortable and to properly identify your pooch as a service animal. Our mesh service dog vests offer several practical features to help identify your dog as a service animal:

Included free patch - Service dog patches can be sewn to your vest to identify your dog as a service dog, therapy dog or emotional support dog, to name a few.

Reflective strip – Our vests feature a reflective safety strip along the back and sides of the vest, making it easy for others to see that your dog is working, even at night. 

Heavy D-ring – Attach a service dog ID card and service dog leash to the mesh service dog vest with this handy heavy-duty D-ring.

Adjustable straps – Fit the vest snugly to your dog with adjustable straps and you'll never have to worry about your dog getting loose.

Find a Mesh Service Dog Vest Before Summer Arrives

Plan ahead and order your mesh service dog vest today to keep your dog cool and comfortable all summer long! Most of our products, including our lightweight service dog vests, ship within two business days. Order now and you'll receive your mesh vest in just a few days!